Saturday, February 12, 2011

The 2nd Revolution on The Nile

I truly didnt know what to write lately.Too many interesting issues happened lately.Yet I am dumbstructed to write something.Anyway I hope Egypt revolution will go on and eliminated the pariahs who had plundered their nations all these years.The first revolution in 1952 succeeded overthrowing King Farouk.A corrupt and British bootlicker, good for nothing king. However the revolution spirit had been hijacked by Gamal Nasser,Anwar Sadat and Mubarak.They suppressed the spirit of Islam for 58 years and become vassal state of Israel and USA.

Now the light of Islam had emerge among the people.Mubarak had gone but not his mechanism.The Egyptian should eliminated them once and for all similar to the Iranian revolution.If they dont,the 2nd revolution will be hijacked again by the enemies of Islam.USA and Israel are not going to sit idle let their colonial interest affected by the revolution.The revolutiner main obstacle is the military.The military are stuffed with pro MUbarak and US/Israel supporters.I predicted that they will make their moves when the people had gone home.The revolution is still half way done.In fact it is in it most dangerous state.

May Allah protect my Egyptian brothers and sister of Islam.May the Sun of Islam will keep on shining on the Nile till the end time..Allah Huakbar