Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Malays are leaving UMNO in Droves

Berikut adalah pendapat Tun Dr Mahathir mengenai sokong orang orang melayu terhadap UMNO.Walaubagaimanapun perlu berhati hati.Kita jangan terlalu overconfident.Dikelantan sokongan rakyat kepada PAS semakin merosot.Antara puncanya adalah royalti minyak.Di Selatan sokongan kepada BN masih teguh.Hanya merosot sedikit sahaja.Pakatan Rakyat cuma kuat diLembah Kelang dan di Kawasan Utara sahaja...Take the analysis with a pinch of salt.That old man always has a bag of tricks with him.....


Tun Mahathir, former Malaysian PM wrote on his blog that he was shocked to hear from a long time party supporter that the United Malays National Organization (Umno) 'was wrotten to the core'. This shock was given to him when he went on to find the popularity of the Umno leadership among the people.

His lambasting comments on how the Umno is being run and how the divisions are corrupt would sure make the rounds of the gossips in Kuala Lumpur and across Malaysia. The interesting part will be to see what the leaders have to say to the comments by Tun Mahathir.

Tun Mahathir added that the former top leader of the Umno whom he interrogated told him that he was thinking of voting for the Party Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) in the next general elections which Mahathir says will be in two years time. Many among the retired Umno leaders and party workers were also thinking of voting for the PAS, Tun M was told.

Umno is rotten to the core since most of its division heads are too happy to be at the post and not for the sake of fighting for the party and the people who support the party. They are given allowances and they are also in a strong position to gain from contracts that usually goes to the party from various sources.

To remain as the head of the divisions, the division leaders would make sure that the divisions has a very limited number of members. New membership demands were rejected on the basis that the party did not want a large number of members for divisions since too many people would mean it would be difficult for the divisions to handle them. Problems may also arise from a large group of people, the division heads and their 'cronies' would state to those who wanted to become members of these divisions.

Tun Mahathir also wrote that most of the Umno heads would not want learned people and professionals to join them. He added that the reason was that the leaders would not want to be challenged by the learned people hence they prefered to have less educated people as division members. They themselves, Tun M wrote, were not well educated altogether.

"UMNO, kata bekas pemimpin kanan ini sekarang dipimpin oleh perasuah. Mereka menjadi ahli Majlis Tertinggi kerana sogokan wang. Orang ramai tidak akan serah nasib mereka kepada perasuah." wrote Mahathir. In English, it means the party is being run by corrupt people and the corrupt people got the upper hand in the party thanks to 'money politics'.

"The corrupted leaders and people in the government were altogether an addition to the bad image of Umno. The people are afraid that the corrupt people in government will be nominated as Umno candidates and in the end, a corrupt regime will win the 13th Elections in Malaysia," wrote Mahathir. He added that: "More than half of the Malay community felt the Umno was unfair since they supported the opposition and because of that, their rights were not respected,"

He again accused Tun Abdullah Badawi of being responsible for the state in which Umno is in since it is, according to Mahathir, during his reign that many people lost faith in Umno.

He added that those now left supporting the Umno were people who expect to get something from the party and nothing else.

The Barisan National (BN) is weak and divided and the views of the people who want to abandon Umno in the next elections have reached all the levels of the Malay community in the country, even to the extent of the Umno membership. "Time is limited if any change to this situation was to be made," said Tun Mahathir, as if he is aware that the next General Elections will not see Umno winning

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