Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adakah Kita Menuju Kearah Negara Polis-Siri 8

Berikut adalah komen yang saya petik dari http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/104681
Pendapat ini dari seorang pembaca bernama Vivian Lim mengenai keadaan pasukan polis kita..Pasukan polis telahdisalahgunakan dengan sesuka hati oleh UMNO yang berkuasa.Salahguna yang terbaru adalah apabila membawa senjata api keDewan Undangan Negeri dan menyeret Speaker Sivakumar dari kerusi Speakernya.Satu perbuatan biadap dan kurang ajar.

Saya amat bersetuju dengan pendapat Vivian Lim..Bagaimana dengan anda semua???

Vivian Lim:
Yes, I support the Malaysian Bar's call for the resignation of both the IGP and Home Minister.The IGP and his troops are ever ready to pounce on anyone just for the sin of standing up to Umno. There is never a shortage of police when it comes to ‘protecting' Umno. However, they are much more blasé about carrying out their real job, the prevention of crime.

Criminals are rampaging all over Malaysia, laying siege to our homes and attacking us in broad daylight, and the IGP says he does not have enough men, sorry. The IGP roars like a lion when anyone so much as raises a finger to support Pakatan, but showed much less emotion over the deaths of two pregnant women at the hands of snatch thieves. He is NOT doing his job, and should be removed from our payroll. If Umno wants him to continue as their chief hatchet man, they can have him and pay him out of their own pockets.

Likewise the Home Minister is merely an ‘Umno Defence' minister (ie, defending Umno from Pakatan and the rakyat) and nothing much else. Compared to what he has done for Umno, how much has he managed for us ordinary Malaysians apart from capturing Mas Selamat ? The answer is quite obvious.I may be quaking in my boots even as I write because of the trigger-happy reputation of the police.

But much as I fear being hauled up, I feel even stronger about speaking out because I want them to know that the Malaysian Bar and other warriors for justice do not stand alone.

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