Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hilmi Malek...Elizabeth Wong controversy

Here is the clearer pic of Mr Hilmi Malek, 32 years old guy who was the center of YB Elizabeth controversy. I copy paste the photo from Malaysia Today website.Unconfirmed report said he had left the country.The police still searching for him.

Why did he hid himself?MP Jeff Ooi a blogger himself thought maybe Hilmi was a trojan horse planted in PKR.Now PKR had a second case involving yet another Personal Assistant..

If Hilmi didnt come out to tell the truth he cannot blame the public if they have perception that he was the culprit responsible for Elizabeth Wong lurid photos distributions...Hmmm..I wonder how many more "trojan horses" yet to be discover in PR??How much they were paid? An instant multimillionaire for job done?

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