Friday, February 20, 2009

Siapa lebih derhaka?

Nowadays UMNO had been parading around the town all over Malaysia shouting that PR had rebelled against the Sultans...They got the ideas from YAB Perak Menteri Besar DS Ahmad Nizar who had uttered a palace language "patik minta sembah derhaka Tuanku" or in commoner language it means " I beg to differ Tuanku".

.Aha..They called themselves malays yet they couldnt understand the meaning? A former Director General of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Dr Hassan Ahmad had stated in Harakah 16-19 Feb 09 that DS Ahmad Nizar was using a correct term...So what were truly derhaka acts..

One of them was in the photo above.I copy the photo from was Utusan Malaysia 11 Nov 1991.
What do you think guys?Isn't that tantamount to derhaka? Why no action take against them? Or we feel that UMNO is above the law.No need la to take action against them what.After all they did everything for ugama ,bangsa dan negara only...

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