Friday, February 20, 2009

UMNO last trump cards

I had observed the last few day events.I conclude that UMNO last trump cards are:-
  1. Using enforcement agencies to maximum.Pinning PR leaders on small mistakes.The latest story was MB Selangor cow purchases and personal car maintenance issues.Turning small mound turn into mountain The law enforcement agencies will find ways to implicated the victims so that they will be sentence by court and lost their parliement/DUN seats as well goverment positions.Observe that how fast and efficient SPRM act on MB Selangor case and on the other hand they dragged their feet on any PR leaders corruption reports against BN.Despite some of them were accompanied with hard evidences .PR must accept the fact that as far as the law enforcement agencies are concern PR is their sworn enemy

  2. Potraying PR leaders socalled "moral decay".Elizabeth Wong issue was one of it and they tried to pinned Dr Halimah with khalwat case but to no success.They will find new victims to play with.Even by showing non muslim Pakatan Rakyat YBs consuming liquors and potraying them as alcoholics.Why not,if that can affect public supports.

  3. Influencing The Sultans to reject Pakatan Rakyat..They had done that to Perak and I heard Selangor is on the way.In other word they involved the Constitutional Monarcies in politic.
  4. Playing classic racial card.Potraying DAP as trying to grab power from the malays.Sivakumar and Karpal had received dead threat recently.Even though police reports had been made,as usual the police will dragged their feet.
  5. Invoking Emergency law by hiring soem thugs to creat havocs
  6. Resort to kidnapping PR leaders or members love ones..

I hope Pakatan Rakyat by now should have their action plans ready to overcome such threats..

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