Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hey What About Elizabeth ex boyfriend??

Melvin Mah in his blog mentioned about "Hilmi" who was supposed to be Elizabeth Wong's exboyfriend.So was he the one who was responsible for distributing Eli nude photos? I guess its hard for him to deny that..After all everything originated from him..If the allegations were true how much was he paid to reveal the photos.
The former boyfriend, also a Parti Keadilan Rakyat member, quit as the personal assistant to the MP last month, believed to be at the same time the relationship ended.Eli admitted she hardly had time to spent with her ex boyfriend since she started campaigning in March 08
I noticed BN controlled medias hardly mentioned about "Hilmi"...Hilmi is a malay guy.Hmmm something fishy ain't it.BN hands at work again??He had gone into hiding.Was he paid to reveal the photos? How much? I heard police had summon him for investigation.Please notice that UMNo controlled massmedias carefully concealed his identity. Rumors said Selangor top UMNO men had a hand in it.One thing for sure BN is getting dirtier day by day.After all with Najib at helm we have to expect for the worst.
Anyway I saluted Eli principled stand to quit from exco post and ADUN so that her party will not be dragged into quagmire..It seem she is more principled than some BN leaders who were always tainted by scandals yet never want to step down

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