Thursday, February 19, 2009

Retract statement, developers tell exco member-star 20th Feb 09

I just glanced through the Star while sipping teh tarik this morning,,I found out something that invite my attention...

KUALA LUMPUR: Selangor state executive council member
Iskandar Abdul Samad should retract his recent statement claiming that Elizabeth
Wong may have been sabotaged by someone who was at the receiving end of her
environmental crusade.Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association patron
Datuk Eddie Chen said Iskandar should make the retraction to “safeguard his
reputation and good working relationship with developers.”

Iskandar’s statement on Wednesday had claimed the sabotage on Wong could be owing to her no-nonsense approach to environmental and other issues, leading to someone “framing” her by circulating her scandalous pictures.Iskandar, among other things, said Wong might have stepped on someone’s toes as she played a prominent role in ensuring that the state government issued a blanket ban on hillside development in the state following the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide on Dec 6.

Chen said Iskandar’s statement implicating developers was simplistic and
offensive.“We will never use dirty tactics to get what we want. Rehda is not
a political party. We seek to change government policies through technical and
professional arguments and by lobbying.“We may have disagreements with YB
Elizabeth, but we are willing to wait until we can convince the Government of
safe slope development.“We have numerous outstanding issues with Government,
some 20 to 30 years old but we persevere through well-defined arguments, never
through dirty tactics,” said Chen..

Well I guess YB Iskandar didnt mentioned specifically any name.While some businessmen did adhered to the law and ethic,there are also some unscruplous businessmen who will do anything including selling their souls to the devil if they have to to obtain their objective.So REHDA patron shouldnt be to sure that all REHDA members are squeky clean

I was made to understand that TPM Najib denied UMNO had a hand in Elizabeth Wong issue also...My immediate reaction was..POORAHHHH .Most of us know UMNO dirty Machiaviallen styes.End justify the means.Even my own UMNO friends admitted it,when Iraised the matter to them.

So until the real culprit get caught and fairly tried in court,the public perception will not change that UMNO and those unscruplous businessmen work hand in hands..Can they blame us for thinking that way???

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